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frequently asked questions about weddings


Q: How many overnight guests could be accommodated inside The Great Lodge?

A: The Great Lodge sleeps a maximum of 22 in eight bedrooms. Our nearby Little Lodge, suitable for wedding staff, sleeps a maximum of 4 in two ensuite bedrooms. A pullout couch in the living room could also be called on.


Q: How many can dine indoors?

A: 18 people can dine on our main floor on our three tables within view of one another. A nearby upstairs bar adjacent to the Great Hall could serve drinks for those inside or on the deck to the Great Hall.

Q: How many can be entertained at your English Pub?

A: The pub has 20 stools around its counter. An adjacent TV room has chairs and couches that can seat an additional 8.

Q: How many people could be accommodated in the Great Lodge for an indoor ceremony?

A: Thirty people can comfortably be accommodated in our Great Hall, whose mezzanine offers guests a dramatic view of the ceremony.  

Q: How many day guests could be accommodated for outdoor ceremonies?

A: A quiet outdoor ceremony could accommodate a sizable number of day guests, since our property is quite large. Because of municipal noise bylaws, however, we cannot accommodate live bands or other events that might disturb neighbors.  For any large gathering, a wedding porta potty could be advised, since most of the washrooms are in ensuite bedrooms.

Q: Could you accommodate a tent on your lawn?

A: We do not want tents to be assembled on our property.

Q: How many people can be accommodated on your dock?

A: Our dock, which extends 80 feet into Georgian Bay, leads to a 20 ft x 20 ft pod. The number that could safely use the dock at one time would depend on the activity planned as well as the weather. 

Q: How much parking do you provide?

A: Our driveway can accommodate 15 vehicles. While we do have a garage, it is used for service equipment and not available for guests.




Q: What sites are available for wedding ceremonies?

A:  Our 5 acres offer several stunning outdoor venues, including our upper and lower beaches, our gardens with their ponds and brooks, and the pod at the end of our dock, surrounded by the waters of Georgian Bay with Christian Island as a backdrop.

Other outdoor ceremony sites include the deck off the Great Hall, the patio around the hot tub and the lawn, also with Georgian Bay as the backdrop.

Indoor venues include the Great Hall and our salon, which includes a panoramic view of Cedar Point.


Q: What venues are suitable for memorable photos.

A: These are endless. Apart from the venues mentioned for the wedding ceremony itself, our grounds include intimate forest walks, brooks and ponds. Then there is the building itself, which is one of the country's largest log houses., and which has been compared to a museum. Wedding planners especially prize the entrance to an upper level deck, framed by blue velvert curtains with Georgian Bay and Christian Island in the background.

Q: If the weather doesn't cooperate on our wedding day, can we come back with a photographer and our immediate family at a later time for a redo?

A; Yes. We will be delighted to accommodate a day visit for a photographic redo whenever the Great Lodge isn't booked.


Q: What extras come with your wedding packages.

A: Basically none. Although we have a website, we aren't primarily a commercial establishment. We're more a very large home -- a private estate, really -- that was built by its original owner with entertainment in mind, and that we rent out a very few times a year. 

We don't provide any wedding-specific services -- just the wedding venue.

Q: Do you provide catering services?

A: No. We can recommend a caterer who is familiar with our chef's kitchen.

Q: Do you provide tables and chairs?

A: For dining, we provide three tables, each of which can accommodate 6 people, as well as 18 chairs. We also have a large number of non-dining seating options through couches and armchairs. We do not allow guests to bring rented furniture into the Great Lodge.

Q: Do you provide chairs for the wedding ceremony?

A: No. While we have outdoor seating through patio tables and chairs, chaise lounges and deck chairs, you would need to bring your own chairs for any large gathering.

Q: Do you have a floor suitable for dancing?

A; Our patio level has a wood floor, approximately 40 ft long, suitable for dancing with soft shoes. 

Q: Do you have facilities to allow our friends and family to reminisce by showing family videos?

A: Yes, our theater seats 9, and can accommodate 20 with standing room.

Q: Is Great Lodge staff available to help?

Generally no, although we do have a groundskeeper who can assist in limited ways.


Q: What are noise restrictions?

A: No loud music, shouting, or noise of any kind that might disturb a neighbour is permitted at any time, day or night. Sound travels easily on water and our relative isolation should not be taken as license to make excessive noise. The township is very active and aggressive in responding to noise complaints, and logs an impressive number of hefty fines against violators each year. 


Q: Do you offer site tours prior to a wedding being booked?

A: We offer site tours for a fee of $500. If you ultimately decide on our venue for your wedding, the $500 would be credited against the fees that would otherwise apply. Alternatively, you might consider first booking a weekend to familiarize yourself with the property.


Q: Can you explain your Covid Insurance Policy?

A: For a 10% premium The Great Lodge will refund all payments if your stay cannot proceed because of a lockdown preventing the use of The Great Lodge for the period booked.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at Cedar Ridge on the east coast of Georgian Bay, a two-hour drive from downtown Toronto, 90 minutes from Toronto's international airport, and 15 minutes from the historic town of Penetanguishene.

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