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Q: How many other renters will be present at The Great Lodge?

A: None. Your party will be the only occupant of The Great Lodge and the only renter on the property during your stay. The nearby Guest Lodge, which includes the garage, will ordinarily be occupied by an employee who will be on site to greet you when you arrive, to introduce you to the property and to start a fire in the fireplace if you wish. This employee will usually be Danny, our property manager, although it might also be an alternate. During the pandemic, guests may request that the Guest Lodge be unoccupied. 

Q: Who do I contact if I can’t get equipment to operate?

A: Our property manager, Danny will be pleased to assist. Danny will be present on site during your stay, and will ordinarily lodge at the nearby Guest Cottage.

Q: Are bonfires permitted on the beach?

A: If you would like to have a bonfire, Danny will be pleased to prepare one for you. You may not prepare your own bonfire. 

Bonfires are regulated by the township, which issued permits for their allowance also determines if they are safe on any given day.  

Q. Are pets allowed?

A: No pets are allowed anywhere on our property. 


Q: Is smoking permitted?

A: No smoking or vaping is permitted in any of the buildings, or within 20 yards of any of the buildings. 


Q: Are recreational drugs permitted on the property?

A: No recreational drugs, legal or not, are permitted on the property.  


Q: Are candles permitted?

A: No candles are permitted in any of the buildings.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at Cedar Ridge on the east coast of Georgian Bay, a two-hour drive from downtown Toronto, 90 minutes from Toronto's international airport, and 15 minutes from the historic town of Penetanguishene.

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