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    house rules

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  1. No reservation is confirmed until the complete payment has been received and has been approved by The Great Lodge. 

  2. The application will form the basis of your short-term lease agreement with the cottage owner and you understand and agree that you will abide by the terms therein.

  3. Rates are subject to change until your reservation is confirmed.

  4. If you have misrepresented yourself or your group (your age, purpose for renting The Great Lodge), we reserve the right to cancel your stay without refund.

  5. The Property Manager will be onsite to assist with any questions or concerns immediately.

  6. Please refrain from moving any of The Great Lodge’s furniture. 

  7. No smoking or vaping.

  8. No outdoor shoes inside The Great Lodge; slippers or soft-soled inside shoes only.

  9. The Great Lodge is not on a municipal waste system and has an independent septic tank and bed. To avoid a costly backup, please flush only toilet paper in the toilets.

  10. Please consult the Property Manager before making a fire in the fireplace or beach fire pit. 

  11. Fireworks are NOT permitted.

  12. Long distance calls are at your expense. 

  13. No pets are allowed in The Great Lodge or on the property.

  14. No candles are permitted at The Great Lodge. 

  15. When using the grill please turn the fan on. 

  16. Music or loud noise of any kind is not permitted after 10pm or before 8am.

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