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   wedding rates 

2023 Wedding Rates

The Great Lodge welcomes small, family-oriented weddings of up to 30 people, including day guests. All pricing will be custom, to reflect the personalized requests of brides and grooms.


The minimum fee for a wedding is $10,000 at most times of the year, $12,000 during June and $20,000 during the summer months or the Christmas to New Year period. No wedding will cost less than these amounts.

If your wedding will be small and your budget sufficient to meet the minimum as described above, feel free to describe your wedding plans to see if a gathering over a weekend or longer at The Great Lodge will suit the needs of your wedding party.


Additional Billing Information 

Covid Insurance Policy: For a 10% premium The Great Lodge will refund all payments if your wedding cannot proceed because of a lockdown preventing the use of The Great Lodge for the period booked. 

For all events we require a deposit of $5,000.

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