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At the Great Lodge’s private beach, you can relax with drinks at the cabana, play beach volleyball, bocce or horseshoes, or take our canoe, kayaks or paddleboards out for a spin.  If you bring your own boat, it can be anchored at our beachfront or launched from a local marina ($25 per boat). Our dock is available during the summer season.


Closer to The Great Lodge itself, a 12-foot diameter sunken hot tub is available three seasons of the year, as well as a BBQ large enough to roast a pig. Or relax by the pond and natural streams that flow through our stunning gardens.


Nature also does her part to provide amenities. Sunsets over the waters are glorious daily events. The colours in autumn are a spectacle to behold. Stargazers feast of the darkness of our night sky, which allows the naked eye to behold in awe the vivid majesty of the Milky Way, the Big and Little Dipper, other stars and planets and the moon shadows and moon lane dancing across the water. Every August, generally peaking around the 11th to 13th, the meteor showers known as the Perseids are on full display, and on rare occasions shooting stars and the Northern Lights visit our reaches on Georgian Bay. 


  • Private beach with beach chairs 

  • Firepit 

  • Wooden cabana with deck 

  • Cedar forest and garden with natural ponds and streams and stone pathways leading around the property  

  • Lake dock available May-late September 

  • Boat house including canoe, paddle boards, kayaks, paddles, lifejackets

  • Beach volleyball

  • Panoramic view of Georgian Bay (facing south to north)  

  • Outdoor Patio with patio furniture and umbrellas 

  • Outdoor sunken hot tub, 12 feet in diameter 

  • Outdoor barbecue with spit roast 

  • Beautiful sunsets and stargazing 

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